Michael Weston of the hit television show ” Burn Notice ” is truly and definitely a unique character. His role as a burned special agent and international spy is heroic and at the same time adventurous, sexy and dangerous! The clothes, the accessories he wears and the car he drives all make him a truly desirable man in every sense. What guy wouldn’t want to be like that?

Here we are going to review Michael Weston sunglasses and the Michael Weston sunglasses brand. He wears multiple types of sunglasses that you may be interested to learn about and we’ll tell you where you can actually get your hands on a pair yourself for a much lower price than the original.

The most popular and the most classy of Michael Weston sunglasses are the “Oliver Peoples Victory Sunglasses with Cognac Polarized 55mm Lenses”. This is the aviator type of glasses he frequently wears in many episodes of the show. They are pictured below.

 Oliver Peoples VICTORY 55 Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

michael weston sunglassesOkay. These sunglasses are highly desirable and are really hard to find. This specific pair of sunglasses must be special ordered and they also are very expensive. The  “Oliver Peoples Victory Sunglasses with Cognac Polarized 55mm Lenses” were specifically designed for the Burn Notice show and for Michael Weston. For a better description of the “VICTORY 55” sunglasses, click here!  However…if you’re looking to purchase a pair of these Michael Weston sunglasses, you’re in luck. For a good quality, up to spec  Michael Weston sunglasses replica, that is almost identical to the Oliver Peoples 55 victory model…check out the reviews below.

Here is an ebay auction to verify the rarity and high price tag of an original pair of Michael Weston Sunglasses made by Oliver Peoples as he wore in Burn Notice.

New Oliver Peoples Victory 55 Gold Cognac Polarized Sunglasses Rare Burn Notice
Buy It Now price: US $999.00

Here are some real testimonials from people who purchased the more affordable replica pair from the link below.

★★★★★ Awesome!

By: BK Aloysius   Excellent pair of Michael Weston Sunglasses! Not an exact replica of the original pair, but very close. They are exactly what I was looking for. I’m recommending the 55mm even though they cost a little more. They fit the best and are very comfortable to wear, plus the lenses are about the same as to the shades in Burn Notice.

★★★★ Just Like Mike

By: Michael fan   These are almost an exact copy of Michael Weston sunglasses. Unbelievable!

★★★★★ Michael Weston Sunglasses

By: Burn it up    (Oak Grove) I just received these sunglasses in the mail. I bought them for a friend of mine for Christmas who is a big Burn Notice fan. These glasses look identical to the ones on the show. So cool. I can’t wait to give them to my buddy.  He’s going to love them!

The Michael Weston sunglasses replica model of the Oliver Peoples VICTORY 55 Polarized Aviator Sunglasses are of good quality and have a very similar look according to the top reviews you see above. One of the benefits of buying a replicated pair of sunglasses is that they are much more affordable than an authentic pair of Michael Weston sunglasses!

So how much are a replicated version of Michael Weston sunglasses? 

Answer: $59.99 compared to the $400 to $1000 price tag of the 55/Cognac/Gold/ original authentic Michael Weston Sunglasses.

Follow the instructions below.

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