Michael Weston's burn notice sunglassesWhat’s the scoop on Michael Weston’s shades? The guy is so extremely handsome, who wouldn’t want to have one of his most desired accessories from the super hot show Burn Notice? Actually I want a pair myself but unfortunately grabbing an original authentic pair of  Burn Notice Sunglasses are extremely hard to come by. So I began my search for a burn notice sunglasses replica manufacturer or a company that makes burn notice sunglasses knockoffs.
The Burn Notice Sunglasses aren’t just any ordinary sunglasses. Full of character and as crisp as the sun they stand in a class all by themselves. No wonder this international spy Michael Weston has chosen such a fine piece of art to wear and protect his vision!

What Type Of Sunglasses Are They Anyway?

Obviously, the Burn Notice Sunglasses are of the aviator type. Popular among pilots and secret agents. This particular type and style of Michael Weston sunglasses are up to date and extremely fashionable with modern society. So what are these sunglasses and who makes them?

Oliver Peoples Victory Polarized Aviator Sunglasses Burn Notice 55

Okay. When we speak of Burn Notice sunglasses, we are now referring to the  “Oliver Peoples Victory 55 Aviator Sunglasses”. The frame is known as “Victory” in gold. They are made from titanium by a company known as Oliver Peoples. The original version of this particular pair of sunglasses was made in the size 55. Which is the size of the lenses. At the end of season one of Burn Notice, Oliver Peoples had stopped producing the 55′s because people wanted a bigger lense. So they went up to 58′s. But in Burn Notice, Michael wears the 55′s.The color of the lenses are of Cognac. Not of Rose or Rosewood, or that of any other color. The lenses are polarized and are not photo chromatic. Meaning that the lenses do not change or darken in the sun.

So now that you know what type of glasses the Burn Notice Sunglasses are…you’re wondering how to get a pair. The sad truth of the matter is this. The Burn Notice sunglasses were indeed made specifically for Michael Weston and the Burn Notice show. Oliver Peoples never put them up for general sale. So the only way to get a pair of Burn Notice sunglasses is to special order them, but this would take a long 4 months, a lot of money, and a lot of patience.

The good news is…Replicas of the “Oliver Peoples Victory 55 Aviator Polarized Sunglasses” are available for only $59.99. Follow the instructions below.

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