michael weston sunglasses brandAs we all know the hit television show ” Burn Notice ” has brought on a huge phenomenon and has made a big impact on people and the sunglasses market. Michael Westen sunglasses are extremely popular but its hard to find a great replica for a decent price. So what type of sunglasses does Michael Weston wear?

Like many fans I’m sure you’ve been wondering about the brand of sunglasses Michael Weston sports in so many scenes of Burn Notice. The particular pair of sunglasses I’m going to focus on and may be the most popular is the Oliver Peoples Victory Aviator 55 sunglasses. As in the picture to the left.

The frames are made of titanium which is gold plated. The Oliver People Victory was originally created with a lens size of 55 (hence the name Oliver Peoples Victory Aviator 55) and was created for the man himself Michael Weston to wear in Burn Notice, but only for the first season. After the 55′s Oliver Peoples started to produce the 58 as a result of the peoples demand for a larger lens. The color of the lenses aren’t rose colored nor are they of rosewood as some have claimed. The lenses are polarized but not chromatic. They are cognac colored and will not change color or darken in the sun.

These Burn Notice sunglasses are so flashy and cool!  The only problem is that they are hard to come by. Last I heard you have to custom order them to have them made for you which is extremely expensive and time consuming. I was able to find a decent replica of the Michael Weston sunglasses brand which is quite similar and available over the internet. There are instructions of how to find them at the bottom of this page.

Michael Weston Sunglasses Amazon

As for finding an exact replica of the Oliver Peoples Victory Aviator 55 sunglasses on Amazon, there are very few manufacturers that come close to matching the original pair. Except for the place I have found. You can find the link below to check them out for yourself.

 Follow the instructions below to see a better replica of the Michael Weston sunglasses brand.

* To see the Michael Weston Sunglasses brand replica…Copy the keyword “ Michael Weston Polarized Sunglasses and Paste it in the search box on the next page. The replica Michael Weston sunglasses will appear at the top of the search results.

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