You have to admit…Oliver Peoples creates some of the classiest sunglasses in the industry. No wonder Michael Weston of the mega hit television show “Burn Notice” has chosen Oliver Peoples as one of his favorite brands to wear on the show. The Oliver Peoples Victory 55 sunglasses have certainly made a big impact on his fans as well but is it possible for the average fan to just go and purchase a pair of these when they are so popular and in demand?

oliver peoples victory 55 sunglassesOliver Peoples Victory 55 gold was custom made for Michael Weston. You will find them described in many ways with common labels. Mostly as Michael Weston sunglasses or Burn Notice sunglasses. They are made from titanium and have been finished off with Victory Gold and Cognac colored lenses. So as you can see these sunglasses can’t possibly come with out spending a small fortune.

Oliver Peoples victory 55 were worn by Michael Weston I believe only in the first season of Burn Notice. After that the sunglasses stopped being manufactured because of the demand for a larger lens so Oliver Peoples began to manufacture the Oliver Peoples Victory 58 sunglasses. The lens is slightly larger than the Oliver Peoples Victory 55 Gold Aviator sunglasses as seen in the show.

The question is…how can you get a pair of these golden shades? Well of course it’s complicated. Firstly you have to get in touch with the company that manufactures the sunglasses and then request to have a pair of Oliver Peoples Victory 55 sunglasses custom made for you. Which is very time consuming and costly.

So is there a place to find an Oliver Peoples Victory 55 replica for a fraction of the original $400 to $1000 price tag? Yes, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you are going to save yourself as well.

The good news is…Replicas of the “Oliver Peoples Victory 55 Aviator Polarized Sunglasses” are available for only $59.99.

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